We are a Small Business with a Large Skill Base and an Even Bigger Imagination.

We create pieces that excite us and delight our clients. Each piece of work is made individually, with care and attention, thought and consideration from beginning to end. We use only carefully sourced reclaimed wood where each piece is chosen for its unique patina and character. We use high quality bulbs and fairground cabochon caps and finish each sign with twisted fabric flex to finish and complete the aesthetics of each piece.

Working from our studio in the Fine City of Norwich we have the space to create large pieces of work and take on unusual projects for event and television production companies. We thrive off new challenges, so we are not just sign makers we are creators and makers of products, stuff that’s fantastic and doesn’t exist elsewhere, stuff that’s fun and entertains people, stuff that will make you smile.

Our Process

All of our work is made using traditional craft techniques, authentic circus lights, hand-painted fonts and finished with an ageing process that creates the bespoke pieces of light art that Argent and Sable are the specialists in.