Whether it’s for your home, wedding, event or business, we can create you something truly personal. With our free no obligation design & consultation service you have nothing to lose & it is all part of the top quality service we are so proud of providing. You can either call Danielle on 07411366866 or fill in the form below to get a quote and start turning your vision into a reality.
Who Commissions Work?
We having a growing list of fabulous designer's coming to us for something very different, on trend and for excellent workmanship and service. Our client list includes interior designers, television studios, restaurants and bars, event companies, creative workspace designers, mobile food & drink companies and, not forgetting, our large population of everyday clients that require something personal and meaningful to compliment their home.

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    All our work is bespoke and made by us in our workshop. We usually ask for 2-6 weeks to complete a commission depending on the intricacy and size of a project BUT... we thrive on a challenge and if you need it done sooner please get in touch and we will work harder to get you what you want, when you need it.