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People often ask, how do I go about having a bespoke circus sign made for my home, business or event? Is it more expensive? Do I have to know special stuff before we can do it? How much will it cost me? Well hopefully this post will answer some of the questions as I explain…(Read More)

These creative workspace signs circus letters made from reclaimed wood for a creative work space

What are Creative Workspace Signs? Are creative workspace signs just the stuff of Google and cool Netherlands based companies or could you have one made for your business? The importance of creating a creative workspace has been acknowledged world wide and some companies go all out to make a space as creative, stimulating and interesting…(Read More)

Prop Makers for events and festivals

Prop Makers for Events & TV Production Okay so we haven’t made a Dalek for Dr Who and we ain’t no super fabulous set designers either…not yet anyway… BUT what we can offer you is great design, innovative products and the ability to turn your idea into reality. Prop Makers So an…(Read More)

Carnival Exhibition

Private View Friday March 1st 6-8pm  New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham 2 March -13th April Come & join us as the New Ashgate Gallery in the beautiful town of Farnham- The Home of Craft. Wine & nibbles will be on offer! We have been very lucky to be invited to join Emily Bruce who makes…(Read More)

What’s so Special about our Vintage Illuminated Signs? Okay so we all hear the words vintage, nostalgic and retro bounded around within the interior decorating and home decor sphere and we’re all so over Cath Kidston’s cabbage roses and quintessentially english prints. But we do still crave nostalgia…why? I believe it…(Read More)

Light Art as Design Looking deeper into the lighting design of a restaurant or bar space is one of the key elements to enhance the customers experience when out on the town. How do you ensure that the customers will have a great experience and want to return and how can the use of light…(Read More)

vintage american sign making

Why are Vintage American Signs so Cool? Here at Argent and Sable we take lots of inspiration from vintage american signs. The kind that you see in all the old movies, illuminating the outside of diners and bars. A mix of neon, naked bulbs, bright colours, bold fonts and simple graphics pull us into a…(Read More)

Pizza Sign made for award winning pop up restaurant

As the name suggests, pop ups appear in unexpected places and stay for a limited time. In recent years, following the global financial crash, they started appearing in abandoned retail premises on high streets all over Britain. But pop up restaurants aren’t a new phenomenon. They’ve actually been going since the 1960s, when…(Read More)

Have you seen our Circus Signs on Junior Bake Off 2016? It’s always heartwarming seeing our work on telly, not only because it means lots of people get to see our work but it’s also great to see how our signs can transform a set from being lovely to being  fabulous!  We did…(Read More)