Our Circus Signs on Junior Bake Off 2016

Have you seen our Circus Signs on Junior Bake Off 2016?

It’s always heartwarming seeing our work on telly, not only because it means lots of people get to see our work but it’s also great to see how our signs can transform a set from being lovely to being  fabulous! 

We did our first lot of circus signs on Junior Bake Off in 2015. This was one of our first really challenging signs because they wanted a sunburst within an arched sign to reflect the sunburst at the back of the kitchen. We had been working in very comfortable rectangle shapes but we were totally up for the challenge to create something different. The hardest part for me was actually designing the sign. I am pretty much self taught in Illustrator and Photoshop and when I was studying my degree my designs were normally hand drawn and I avoided the computer because I really struggled with the whole process. Nevertheless since starting Argent and Sable I have embraced both and I teach myself how to do things as I go along… So arches and sunbursts didn’t come naturally to me! All I can say is thank goodness for all the generous people either on Youtube, writing blogs and e-magazine articles who share their knowledge and skills with everyone. We are so lucky to have the internet which enables us to live in such a unique time of sharing and online communities.

Once the sunburst and arch had been mastered all the designs for the circus signs on Junior Bake Off were based on traditional British sweet stuff: Strawberries and Cream, Rhubarb and Custard; Jam Roly Poly etc..

The hardest thing about working with television is the demand on your time and the time scale. We only get a few weeks notice to design, make and hand paint the signs, which along with all the other work we have to keep up with is really tight. As is often the case with TV work, the brief changed constantly: different design outcomes, items made and not used.  But we do love working under pressure and in fact that’s when our best work gets made and out best ideas come to us.

Back for More

So we were thrilled to be asked back to do more circus signs on Junior bake Off. Along with the arched sign we made a small Bake sign and then hired out the Union Jack sign, four small wooden stars, one large star and also made a small crown sign with ‘Garden Party’ written on it, for the finale, so lots to do.

Heading off for the secret location of the infamous Bake Off marquee. Equipped with pots of paint, brushes and masking tape luckily as I had to re-paint the large star on set, adding stripes and a red border. It’s all part for the course, so I just got stuck in.

I met and lunched with the producers and the production crew, then helped paint more than fifty apple crates to be used as shelving, in three different colours.

It was hard work but great fun, despite the absence of Paul Hollywood! And we hope to be back next year for JBO 2017, when the art director wants to fill the set with our signs. The Producers said our fairground signs ‘were really great and made the set’, which was lovely to hear.  suppose we’ll have to wait and see about that though…

The show kicked off on the  7th November 2016, slotting neatly into the gap left by the Great British Bake Off. You can find out more here.

New Smaller Size Circus Signs

We are currently designing a new set of signs based around the smaller Bake sign seen above between Nadia and Allegra, which will be available soon, but if you can’t wait please get in touch  and we can design and make you one.

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