These creative workspace signs circus letters made from reclaimed wood for a creative work space

We Make Creative Workspace Signs.

What are Creative Workspace Signs?

Are creative workspace signs just the stuff of Google and cool Netherlands based companies or could you have one made for your business?

The importance of creating a creative workspace has been acknowledged world wide and some companies go all out to make a space as creative, stimulating and interesting as possible. Bean bags are so last year! But creative workspace signs are so in!

So don’t worry, you don’t have to install a slide, an amusements arcade or a moat for natural swimming, neither do you have to turn your office’s into individual eco pods shaped like beehives, or ships (yes someone’s done that) OR create a giant treehouse to get your employees imagination flowing. Creative workspace signs do this for you.

These big creative spaces are normally associated with the creative industries and the jobs that go with them such as graphic designers, architects, web designers, fashion, art and design to name but a few. But now all manner of companies are realising the importance of building a creative workspace for their employees,  to encourage a good work ethic, an inspiring work place and somewhere that you want to spend your time. Because lets face it work takes up a lot of our time, so why shouldn’t it be fun- at least some of the time in lunch breaks and tea breaks at least.

So creative workspaces are places where the employer has really thought about their employees work environment, the jobs that they do and the importance of creating an interesting and creative workspace, beyond a tea room and a loo. And its really not that hard to do.

Part of our job here at Argent and Sable is to fulfil briefs from interior designers on behalf of their clients who want creative workspace signs.

Our clients range from Recruitment agencies to Tech companies and their shared objective is to invigorate and inspire and to communicate to potential & current employees and clients that this is the coolest place to work, they care, they really know what’s going on in the industry, and trends.. well they’ve got their finger on the button! Why? Because they are different, they have made an extra big effort and used their huge imagination. They want to stand out from the competition and be noticed for being special. Don’t we all want that for our business?

Our Creative Workspace Signs

One easy way to do this is through creative workspace signs. Great big in-yet-face illuminated signage or very tastefully done, colour matched, logo inspired signage or we could go for a combo.  Either one is fantastic, and shouts ‘I Care’ ‘We’re the Best’ ‘Work for Us’ ‘Use our Services’ Whatever the message is you want to convey one of our signs is a great way of doing it. Whether you’re a small hairdressers with your own boutique or a big multi national number crunching giant we can make a sign that will get you noticed.

One client said ‘ New customers were coming in the shop asking if I was new? ‘No’ she said ‘I’ve been here for TWO years!’ ‘Oh’ they said ‘ Well we noticed your sign and thought we’d come in’.

Amazing, that sign was literally getting business walking through the door, getting her noticed amongst all the other shops along the high street- just one little sign.. and of course they love it.. they keep ordering more! Who wouldn’t

There’s More..

Another client who owns Swann Staff Recruitment Agency is so proud of their bespoke sign ‘Live @ The Swann’ that they use it as their LinkedIn profile picture. Why? Because it catches peoples eye- we’re like magpies, if something glistens and sparkles, we’re interested. That sign communicates just how cool and on-trend they are.

The Alphabeta building in Finsbury Square bridges the gap between the creative industries and the otherwise bland city types and the design company Align used the ‘Eat, Drink, Code’ sign we made for the Academic Tech Company that’s based there to demonstrate their own brand of cool.  Katherine Price writes in the magazine  ONoffice -Architecture Design and Work about the piece we made.

‘The Social, [is] a breakout space for eating, drinking and relaxing… [and the designers] made sure to keep the student common room feel to the space; the area is book-ended by two rustic fairground-style signs made of hand-painted reclaimed timber with the mantra “Eat, Drink, Code”.

This demonstrate to their employees and clients that they ‘get it’, they appreciate it and they are proud of it. There’s no way you could miss the cool message the company is conveying.

Let’s Make a Sign Together

So if you are interested in having creative workspace signs made for your business  contact us and we can create you something different, dynamic and that tells everyone you give a shit. It can be based on your logo, it can be your logo, we can make it round, squiggly, fox shaped. It can be large or small but most importantly it will be a beautifully made bespoke sign just for your business that lets everyone know you mean business.

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