How to Design a Bespoke Circus Sign.

People often ask, how do I go about having a bespoke circus sign made for my home, business or event? Is it more expensive? Do I have to know special stuff before we can do it? How much will it cost me? Well hopefully this post will answer some of the questions as I explain how the process works.

We have customers who want a bespoke fairground sign for their home, business or event. We can make a sign for all of these purposes.

Who Orders a Bespoke Circus Sign?

So can anyone have a bespoke sign made? Yes of course! We absolutely love the eclectic mix of customers who come & have a circus style sign made for them.

Most of our customer contact us through the Bespoke page or via email. Please feel free to get in touch and start a conversation, we are always pleased to hear from you.

Design & Consultation is free & there is no obligation to go ahead with the order. Instalment plans are available & postage and packing is free.

When a customer gets in touch they are usually from one of these three camps. The first camp is the ‘OMG I’ve just discovered your work online and I absolutely LOVE it!! It’s just what I’ve been looking for, can you make me a sign that says Tra La Te Da!…..’

Or you have the second camp that says ‘We have been looking at your website for ages and ages & haven’t been able to decide on what word we wanted on a sign but we knew we WANTED one.. and now we’ve made a decision-YAY!’

Or the third camp that say ‘I’ve got this wall space that we’re redecorating & I’ve just discovered your work and I’d LOVE to have one of your signs up there I love your Welcome to the Circus sign but could I have it say ‘Welcome to Our House’ and have it in another colour please?’

Oh and there’s a fourth camp that says ‘Can you make us a sign with the name of our CAT on it!!!’ actually that’s not a camp it’s a one off… bizarrely!

Freda Karlo Cushion
Freda Kahlo Cushion used for Inspiration.

How Do We Create the Designs

You’ll be pleased to hear we don’t expect you to just imagine the sign in your lovely heads. I send you over a set of designs, with different colours, fonts and layouts. So for example one of my recent customers Hannah enquired about a ‘Let’s Dance’ Circus Sign, with colours influenced by her home & to hang in her Kitchen. So I gave her a quote which she was more than happy with & I set about creating her some designs. Now this is where the fun begins & I always get carried away & make a few too many.

The initial designs are sent over as a PDF via email for you to peruse at leisure. Here’s an example of the one I sent out to Hannah.

Hannah was a combo of Camp 1 & Camp 2, she had literally just discovered us & was over the moon… ‘I’ve always wanted a sign like this & have never found ANYWHERE that does them’ (I obviously need to work on that!) She knew the words that she wanted & for it to coordinate with her beautiful home (Warning: House envy coming up).

Hannah sent me lots of lovely photos of her house, so that I could colour match the sign with her decor. I can colour match to anything; your sofa, favourite cushion, paintwork, the list is endless.

Ultimately we have created a bespoke carnival sign with bright circus fonts, multi coloured fairground lights & colours inspired by the Freda Kahlo cushions & Hannahs lovely home. Essentially Hannah now owns a circus sign that encourages much dancing around the kitchen!

Finished Let’s Dance Sign

How Long Does it Take?

We usually take 2 weeks to make your sign & get it delivered to you from the date we receive your payment. Payment can either be in full or a 50% deposit can be made to secure your sign & then the final 50% before we send it out.

We like to send your circus sign out on a Thursday with FREE next day delivery through ParcelForce . If however, for any reason, such as in Hannahs case, she asked to have it delivered earlier, (so she could have it at her Birthday Party) we will absolutely try & accommodate you & your deadline as much as possible.

Happy Customer!!

We love to hear feedback from our customers, some leave reviews, some send an email of thanks & some post on their Instagram feeds and tag us in.

We always send a personal note of thanks

Taking pride of place in the Kitchen

Getting in Touch

Please feel free to get in touch and start a conversation about having a circus sign made we are always pleased to hear from you, no matter how much or how little detail you have to give us about what you would like.

You can contact Danni using the Bespoke page or via email. We look forward to hearing from you. Please share this post if you think. a friend, family member or colleague would find it interesting. Thank you