How Light Art Effects Space & Mood

Light Art as Design

Looking deeper into the lighting design of a restaurant or bar space is one of the key elements to enhance the customers experience when out on the town.
How do you ensure that the customers will have a great experience and want to return and how can the use of light art convey the ideology of what the bar or restaurant is about.

Light art can convey how cool, how trendy, and how you make the best tacos or cocktails in London.

The design of a bespoke piece of light art can mirror the ideology of the business with integrated graphics and branding, it can encapsulate the vibe of an area, as they say shoreditch is not just an area it’s a state of mind. A restaurant or bar can no longer just be about the food or drink it’s about creating an outstanding hospitality environment.

Seduce the Customer

Customers want to be part of this, they want to say, hey have you been to that bar with the really cool light art or graffiti art on the walls and then tell you about the food.

Creating a cool trendy environment is the key to a successful business and returning customers

People have to feel relaxed, lighting is a big part of that it creates an atmosphere as strongly as music does in a bar or restaurant, it complements the demographic of the people visiting the establishment.

Lighting Design

People want to be part of something and the use of light art has never been so on trend than now and is constantly evolving to contribute in the designing of spaces in the hospitality industry.
The customer chooses which venue is better suited for them. Are they going somewhere to hopefully meet someone or are they going for an intimate dinner or to dine out with friends? Lighting can convey the mood of the place and set the tone of the night, this is what light art can achieve.