Prop Makers for events and festivals

Prop Makers for Events & Festivals

Prop Makers for Events & TV Production

Okay so we haven’t made a Dalek for Dr Who and we ain’t no super fabulous set designers either…not yet anyway… BUT what we can offer you is great design, innovative products and the ability to turn your idea into reality.

Prop Makers

So an event company approaches us with a super genius idea- but with absolutely no idea how to make it. Of course not.. that’s our job- we are the prop makers.

So where do we start? With some fantastic drawings..

Prop Makers for events and festivals

Some examples of what we’ve made and designed so far as prop makers

  • UV Illuminated Cocktail Bar
  • ‘Battleshots’ Drinking Table
  • ‘Drinko’ Drinking Game

Event Companies

Doing what we do best is always gonna have great results. So if you have an idea.. please share it with us cause we would love to work with you on any project LARGE or small.

When do you want it? NOW!

Okay,  well the good news is we can work super quick but making it for yesterday is even a push for our dedicated team… BUT if you do need something super quick and super brilliant just give us a shout. Either call me on 07411366866 or contact me via the bespoke page .. Easy.. and we can work something out.

What did your mum say ‘If you don’t ask you don’t get’

Prop Makers with a Difference

What makes us different as prop makers.. well we come from humble beginnings but we are a small business with big ideas and an even bigger skill base so the best thing to do is see what we can create- go on.. we love a challenge!

Prop Makers go Bananas…

We do like to monkey around but our clients think we’re fab here’s what they have to say about us.

testimonials for argent and sable, Prop Makers for events and festivals

Prop Makers for events and festivals