vintage american sign making

We Make Vintage American Signs For Homes & Businesses

Why are Vintage American Signs so Cool?

Here at Argent and Sable we take lots of inspiration from vintage american signs. The kind that you see in all the old movies, illuminating the outside of diners and bars. A mix of neon, naked bulbs, bright colours, bold fonts and simple graphics pull us into a world of nostalgia, where bar fights exploded and people ate burgers without worrying about mixing protein and carbs. But these vintage american signs also signify an age where things were made by hand, where skills and crafts were passed down from generation to generation and the steel industry was booming.

Nostalgia & Making

Nostalgia speaks to our generation with a confidence and knowing that in recent years has been acknowledged and nurtured so that skills are not lost and forgotten, the artisan and craft movement has provided people with an platform in which to explore the inner creative and maker inside many of us. This exploration of making and designing alongside the digital age enables many people like ourselves to do what we love for a living.


Here at Argent and Sable we got really excited about vintage american signs when we encountered American based company Sideshow Signs Co  in the Australian SMITH magazine three years ago. Back then they were a three man band of makers and fabricators making beautiful vintage american style signs and since then they have become a powerhouse of traditional and modern day signage. They combine an un-paralleled range of styles and fabrication techniques, and reunite the partnership between high design and sign-making which for us really resonates with the designer makers in us.


New Vintage American Sign Collection

Therefore for our 2017  design collection we are taking inspiration from the vintage American signs we love so much and have started experimenting and using mixed materials: acrylic, reclaimed wood and aged zinc. Which has produced some really exciting results and provided Dusty with new ways of exploring  materials and his manliness! There’s nothing like bending, cutting, grinding and joining metal by hand to really get the blood pumping around your body and giving you a real sense of achievement. With a mix of fairground fonts, bright colours and different ageing techniques I think we have created some vintage american signs that would fit nicely into anyones home or business interior.

The new collection will be available from March

But until then, you can see a few here in this post and on our Instagram page as we have already been commissioned to make some fabulous vintage american signs like the grey stripy wayfinder, the oval PIE sign and the Bowie flash.  The great thing about breaking through to metal signs is that we can create all sorts of shapes, which means we can recreate peoples logo’s, marquee letters and also just get really creative with whats possible.

  • Blades
  • Circles
  • Arrows
  • Wayfinder
  • Ovals
  • Zig Zags

We love designing, making and being creative it is something that we have really tried to embrace over the last few years,  to take our signs beyond what was currently on offer here in the UK and create something unique and exciting that people can enjoy in both their homes and in their businesses. Being a unique product they really help a business stand out from the crowd and get you recognised and noticed in a world full of competition. So if you were to have a vintage american sign made what shape would you have and what would it say?

Contact me via the bespoke page if you would like to discuss any ideas for your home, business or client.