Vintage Illuminated Signs

What’s so Special about our Vintage Illuminated Signs?

Okay so we all hear the words vintage, nostalgic and retro bounded around within the interior decorating and home decor sphere and we’re all so over Cath Kidston’s cabbage roses and quintessentially english prints.

But we do still crave nostalgia…why?

I believe it’s because we live in a cyber tech world where stuff is made to be used once and then thrown away or it exists virtually and therefore is intangible (is that a word?). Quality, craftsmanship and traditional skills are all things that are making a resurgence the more techie we get. Just look at the popularity of the vinyl record and even the humble cassette tape… You can’t walk down Brick Lane without stumbling over  artisan craft fairs or forges smouldering under railway arches. And it’s all good, people want quality they are fed up with shite stuff.

So are we Cashing in on a Trend then?

Well… I don’t think we are cashing in but our work is very relevant at the moment because it captures the spirit of the nation; the sign for our times (terrible I know). Here’s my little tick list of what I think we do right:

  • Our vintage illuminated signs are made in our Norwich Studio here in the UK
  • We are a husband and wife team- you don’t get more old skool than that!
  • We handcraft and hand-paint our signs ourselves- using like proper skills and stuff.
  • We use carefully chosen reclaimed wood – a nice sustainability & conscious makers tick for us.
  • We use a chalky paint from an 18th century buttermilk recipe made by Colourmans
  • Personal design consultation for the prefect sign design
  • Direct contact between maker and customer giving the bespoke sign intrinsic value.

We also aim to have fun, be a bit naughty and to spread our love for making with our vintage illuminated signs.



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